Lead management

Center your activities around your target group

Quentn not only helps you collect leads but also convert them into customers and build a long-term relationship with them. Enrich your customers and prospects with meaningful data about their behavior and preferences.

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Lead generation

Generate leads via contact forms


Tag your contacts

Easily segment your contacts for for a more targeted approach


Get to know your target group

Follow the your contacts’ interests


Import your contacts easily

You already have contacts? Simply import them into Quentn’s system.

  • Simple import via CSV file
  • Manual data set checking to ensure quality
  • On-demand support
  • Merge duplicates
  • Easily update existing contacts
Import the contacts

Opt-In Form - How to gain leads on websites

Design your opt-in forms the way you like them!

  • Individual design in shape, color, arrangement, etc.
  • Creation via drag & drop
  • Preset and personal contact fields
  • DSGVO checkbox
  • Easy integration into your website
  • Flood & Spam Protection
Design opt-in form
thank you- age

Pre-designed Thank You & Confirmation pages

When a new customer clicks a Confirmation link, Quentn can send them to an individual page, customized by you specifically for them. Of course, you can also send them to any of your own pages as well.

Add a thank you page

On the safe side with Quentn

Quentn is absolutely DSGVO compliant!

  • Mandatory double-opt-in procedure
  • Unsubscribe link in every email
  • Manual import check
  • All servers are within the EU
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Segmentation by tags

Quentn has a sophisticated and extremely flexible tagging feature. In your campaign, give prospects as many individual tags as you want! Communicate in a targeted way by choosing which actions apply to which specifically tagged contacts.

Use segmentations by tags
contact filter

Effective communication with contact filters

Send your messages to exactly the contacts who are interested in them! Our sophisticated and extensive contact filters allow you to define a target group down to the smallest detail.

Use contact filters
contact history

Contact history

Easily and clearly track all activities and events around a specific contact. In chronological order, you will see when the contact received, opened and/or clicked on an email, when each tag or email status was assigned/changed/removed, or when each analytics event took place.

Track all activities
web behaviour

Web behavior evaluation

Quentn helps you enrich your customers and prospects with meaningful data. Flexibly tag your contacts based on individual behavioral data such as "emails opened," "website visits," or "videos viewed" on your website.

Track where your contacts are in a funnel, what actions they take, and what they're interested in. This way, you learn from your target group and can provide them with even more personal offers.

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If you ever reach your limits with Quentn, our support is available by phone, via our ticket system, by e-mail or website chat.

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Of course you can import your existing contacts to Quentn. All you need is a CSV file - which can be exported easily from almost all common apps. All imports are checked again by one of our employees. This way we make sure that you have a "clean" start - invalid addresses are filtered out right away. This way, your sender reputation remains high and your emails arrive reliably at your recipients.

Quentn offers you a variety of ways to generate new leads:

  • Use a landing page to drive traffic to your opt-in forms
  • Embed opt-in forms to your existing website
  • Import your existing leads
  • Integrate your favorite apps, such as Calendly or Shopify, to synchronize user data with Quentn

With Quentn you can filter contacts according to all possible criteria and thus create your own contact lists. For example, you can use tags or even user actions (such as link clicks) to define your target group precisely.

Sure you can! With Quentn, you can do even more than just addressing your recipients by name: Respond to link clicks, website visits, video views or product purchases to send truly relevant emails to your recipients.

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With Quentn you can easily build marketing campaigns, newsletters and landing pages, manage leads and generate more sales automatically.

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